Plenary & tutorial speakers

Plenary speakers
Tutorial speakers

Plenary speakers

Patrick Arnott, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Multispectral Photoacoustic Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosol
Yannick Dewilde, Ecole Supérieure Physique Chimie Industrielles Ville Paris (ESPCI), France
Infrared Near-Field Optics. When the sample becomes the source
Johan Hofkens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium
Visualizing dynamics in polymer systems by watching fluorescence of single molecules
Arun Majumdar, University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), USA
Exploring the limits of thermal transport and its technological applications
Dwayne Miller, University of Toronto, Canada
Femtosecond Electron Diffraction: An Atomic view of Thermally Driven Phase Transitions to the Onset of Warm Dense Matter
Keith Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Boston, USA
Photoacoustics in the MHz-THz Frequency Range and Monlinear THz Spectroscopy
Mike Somekh, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Serial and parallel approaches to high frequency laser ultrasonics
Kerry Vahala, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, USA
Cooling and amplifying mechanical oscillators with light
Lihong Wang, Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), Missouri, USA
Superdepth Photoacoustic Microscopy and Computed Tomography

Tutorial speakers

Mihai Chirtoc, Université de Reims, France
Investigation of layered systems and temperature-dependent thermophysical characterization by photothermal methods with periodic excitation
Daniele Fournier, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
Lateral heat diffusion and Photothermal microscopy
Andreas Mandelis, University of Toronto, Canada
Broadening Effects and Ergodicity in Deep Level Photo-Thermal Spectroscopy of Defect States in Semi-Insulating GaAs: A Combined Temperature-, Pulse-Rate- and Time-Domain Study of Defect State Kinetics
Massimo Marinelli, Universitá Roma II "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy
Thermophysical characterization of materials by photothermal calorimetry: advantages and limitations
Josef Pelzl, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany
Photothermal investigation of local and depth dependent magnetic properties

Alain Blouin, Industrial Materials Institute, Canada
Laser ultrasonics: advances in technology and applications
Gerd Busse, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
From photothermal radiometry to lockin thermography methods
Vitaly Gusev, Université Le Mans, France
Laser generation of shear elastic waves
Peter Hess, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Nonlinear Photoacoustics
Bernard Perrin, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
Picosecond ultrasonics: an overview

Mladen Franko, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Chemical Analysis by Thermal Lens Spectrometry
Kirk Michaelian
, Natural Resources, Devon, Alberta, Canada
Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy of Solids
András Miklós, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Trace gas sensing by the photoacoustic technique
Steve Shepard, Thermal Wave Imaging, Ferndale, Michigan, USA
Flash Thermography: the Path from Theory to Implementation
Frank Tittel, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA
Laser based Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustics Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Sensing: Principles, Instrumentation and Applications