1. Scanning, imaging and depth profiling of materials
  2. Optoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography
  3. Photoacoustic and photothermal imaging in biomedical applications and photothermal therapy using nanoparticles
  4. Photoacoustic and photothermal imaging and microscopy in material research
  5. Environmental sensors and applications
  6. Non-destructive testing and industrial applications
  7. Spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, nonlinear optics and photochemistry
  8. Stimulated and spontaneous Brillouin and Raman scattering (acoustic and optical phonons)
  9. Ultrafast thermo-elastic phenomena and molecular dynamics
  10. Thermal and elastic properties on nano-scale and IR micro-antennas
  11. Semiconductors, MEMS, NEMS and phononic bandgap materials
  12. Complex fluids, phase transitions and glass transitions
  13. Biological materials, agricultural and food sciences
  14. New instrumentation and methodology
  15. Nonlinear effects, large deformations and shock wave physics
  16. Dynamics of photoinduced processes
  17. New applications based on photoacoustic and photothermal phenomena
  18. Laser based IR thermography and ultrasound tomography