Paper submission


All authors whose abstract has been accepted for presentation (oral/poster) at the ICPPP15 conference are invited to submit a paper. 

!!Paper submission deadline extended to Wednesday 29 July 2009!!

All papers will go through a peer reviewing process.

Please note that the conference registration fee includes the publication of 1 accepted full paper per presenting author only.  If you have submitted multiple abstracts and wish to submit a full paper for more than 1 abstract, an additional publication fee of 50 EUR per paper will be charged, in case of acceptance of the additional paper(s). 
All refereed and accepted papers will be published in an online freely accessible Journal of Physics: Conference Series and can be ordered on a CD-rom at no additional charge. (1 per delegate - see online registration form)

Given the maximum number of pages (1200) in the printed version, we can only guarantee that one accepted paper per registered presenting author will be published in the printed proceedings. The printed proceedings book can be ordered via the online registration form for the price of 90 euro per copy.

Please read the guidelines below carefully  before submitting a paper on-line (link at the bottom of this page).

Papers must be submitted on-line via a dedicated website (link at the bottom of this page).

  1. Papers sent by mail, fax or e-mail will NOT be accepted
  2. Please follow the instructions on the screen.  For questions regarding the on-line submission process, e-mail: info@icppp15.be
  3. Only accepted papers of authors that registered and participated in the ICPPP15 conference will be considered for publication
  4. All papers will be reviewed by editors
  5. Authors will not be sent proofs of their papers before publication

Paper policy and regulations
With the submission of a paper to ICPPP15, the corresponding author:

  1. accepts responsibility for the content of the submitted paper (please proofread the paper carefully prior to submission!);
  2. accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence about the paper and inform co-authors about its status;
  3. confirms that all co-authors are aware of and agree to the content of the paper and support the data presented;
  4. states that for studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and properly informed consent given where appropriate;
  5. releases the copyright to ICPPP and gives permission for the paper, when selected for publication, to be published in an online accessible Journal of Physics: Conference Series as well as in paper format and CD-rom
  6. should fill out, sign and return the IOP Publishing Assignment of Copyright Form (downloadable here) to the ICPPP15 Organising secretariat (e-mail: info@icppp15.be or fax +32.16.403551).

Format of the paper

  1. Papers should follow this template (word/pdf)
  2. The title of the paper should be brief and objectively describe the study. 
  3. Papers that exceed 4 (or 6 for plenary, tutorial or invited contributions) A4 pages will not be accepted for publication.
  4. Papers can NOT contain page numbers, headers or footers
  5. ONLY PDF files will be accepted.
  6. The papers must be submitted in good English. The editors reserves the right to reject those papers that are presented in poor English, or may request an immediate revision by the presenter.

Paper submission
Papers must be submitted on-line, through the conference website: www.icppp15.be
The corresponding author’s name, address and e-mail address details are crucial for future correspondence.
When submitting more than 1 paper, the author should indicate which paper he/she wants to be published in the printed proceedings book.
You will have to choose a login and password, allowing you to return to the submission afterwards.  Please note that you will only be able to make changes to your submission as long you have not clicked the ‘Final submission’ button at the end of the procedure

Final submission procedure

  1. when finished with the on-line submission, it is imperative to click the “Final submission” button for final submission of the paper; a screen will then appear informing that the paper has been registered successfully.  Within 48 hours of submission, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail to confirm that the organiser has received the paper.  This confirmation of paper receipt is NOT a notice of acceptance.
  2. In case the confirmation from the organiser is not received, the corresponding author should contact info@icppp15.be within one week of submission of the paper.

For questions regarding the on-line submission process, e-mail: info@icppp15.be

Withdrawal of papers
Papers submitted for publication can be withdrawn until 21 July 2009. 

Online submission of a paper
Please click on the button below to start the online paper submission.